The Guide To Super Smooth Legs

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Summer right around the corner and tis the season for poolside pleasures, beachside romps, and outdoor excitement. In anticipation of this summer’s festivities, flirty dresses, short shorts, and tiniest mini skirts are already making appearances on the scene, however you remain hesitant to make this transition. You cling to your collection of long slacks, jeans, leggings, and tights despite the temperature increase, because you would rather suffer in sweaty silence, then dare reveal the hairy consequences of winter neglect. While there is no shame in going all-naturale, Chewbacca style, if you are one who prefers smooth, silky legs, the process of shaving can become tedious and obnoxious.

Most women are familiar with the vicious cycle that is leg hair removal. The more you shave, the faster the hair grows back, and always with a vengeance-coarse, dark, and thicker then it was before. To quote old Pringles ad and the advice my mother gave me when I began shaving, “Once you pop, you can’t stop”. Prickly stubble can rear its ugly head within a matter of minutes, which, after dedicating valuable time to bending and stretching Circ du Soleil style in the slippery shower, is incredibly frustrating. The 5’oclock leg shadow is not only aesthetically unappealing, but it’s uncomfortable. After all that effort, you shouldn’t have to sleep with a pillow between your legs to avoid the bristly grasshopper friction, especially if you just shaved a couple days, sometimes even hours, prior. Waxing is always an option, but can get pricey and be incredibly painful.

There must be some way to increase leg smoothness and decrease time between shaves, right? Well, there is! The secret to consistently smooth legs is exfoliation! And the best part about it is this doesn’t require the purchase of any expensive, brand name products-you needn’t look further then your own kitchen.

1. Combine olive oil, aloe vera oil, liquefied coconut oil, and raw sugar (the grainier, the better), to create the perfect exfoliation concoction.

2. Start by carefully shaving your legs as you normally do. If you accidentally cut yourself during this step, work around the wound for the following steps to avoid irritation.

3. Apply the exfoliation mixture to your legs. Rub and scrub the mixture in, making a concentric circular motion, all over your legs. This will remove all dead and excess skin, which contributes to prickly cactus leg syndrome just as much as hair growth. This will also eliminate the potential for ingrown hairs and allow for remaining hair in follicles to grow in less coarse and more fine, decreasing time between shaves.

4. Rinse exfoliation mixture from your legs and shave your legs again.

5. Pat your legs dry, apply moisturizing lotion, and voila! Not only will your skin attain a healthy glow, and your legs will be silky smooth for weeks!

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