7 Ways To Increase Lash Strength

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What do Audrey Hepburn, Britney Murphy, and Kerry Washington have in common? Well, in addition to a great sense of style, these ladies happened to be blessed with long, thick, full eyelashes, elegantly framing their lovely peepers. Current lash lengthening products promise growth, but are expensive and have adverse side effects, including permanently altering the color of you pupils. False lashes are equally as pricey, but are difficult to maintain, and mascaras that encourage length tend to get clumpy within a handful of uses. Long lashes are the key to the essential “pop” every woman aspires for, but why go to expensive extremes with medical treatments, falsies, or clumpy mascaras?

Here are some DYI, cost effective alternatives that helps lengthen lashes naturally!

1. Oils with Lemon Peels
Olive oil, Castor oil, and even Coconut oil are great styling secrets that are sure to increase lash growth, when incorporated into your pre bedtime grooming ritual.

Prep: Designate a separate stash for any of these oils and allow a lemon peel to soak in the oils a few hours prior to use. If you happen to have both Castor Oil and Olive Oil at your disposal, combining the two has proven to be effective, however Coconut Oil is best used solo. For optimal results, allow the lemon peel to soak for up to a week, prior to use. Remove the peel.

How to use: Thoroughly wash your face, and be sure to remove all makeup and residue that may be surrounding the eye area. Dip a sterile, clean mascara wand or cotton ball into the oil and lightly apply to lashes. If you are using Coconut oil, make sure the oil has been melted and is in it’s liquid form. This can be done via a couple seconds in the microwave. If still hot upon removal, wait until the oil has cooled. DO NOT apply hot oil to the eye. Leave the oils on your lashes overnight, washing them off in the morning. Repeat this routine every evening for 2-3 months, and your lashes are sure to transform into the luscious lovelies you have always desired.

2. Warm Green Tea
Yes, it is delicious to drink and great for your health, however directly applying warm green tea to lashes has also been an effective tactic in achieving lash growth. Apply green tea bag to WARM (not hot) water and allow the tea to seep. Take a washcloth and soak it in the mixture for a few seconds, then place the soaked rag across closed eyes, making sure the tea is making direct contact with lashes. Allow the rag to cool over the eyes, reapplying more green tea as needed. This not only promotes lash growth, but is also incredibly relaxing.

3. Vaseline/ Petroleum Jelly
Lashes crave moisture. Gently applying Vaseline to lashes via a sterile lash comb or mascara wand quenches that thirst, by stimulating hair follicles, increasing thickness, and allowing your lashes to reach new lengths!

4. Regular Eyelash Brushing
Just like the hair on your head, the key to maintaining lash health and enhancing lash length is regularity in brushing. Gently brush lashes with soft bristled lash brush, at least once daily. Be sure not to brush too aggressively and for too long, as this could potentially lead to lash breakage. However adding this to your beauty routine will successfully stimulate lash growth.

5. Diet
Cutting back on fatty foods and incorporating more fruits and veggies will not only improve your overall health, but really increase lash growth. Carrots, spinach, apples, and berries, in particular, promote lash health and make eyes sparkle. Proteins are also substantial support for lash enhancement, but avoid heavy protein powders or red meat, and stick to the light proteins such as chicken, fish, or eggs.

6. Vitamins
Taking Vitamin E or Biotin capsules are not only great for facilitating lash growth, but also help improve overall skin, hair and nail health too!

7. Eye Massages
Gently rubbing your eyelids stimulates hair follicles, allowing the lashes to get stronger and grow longer.

Experiment with these methods for yourself, and you will be sure to grow your flirty, fluttering luscious lashes to be envied by all, in no time at all!

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