Obama gets a Lil Fancy, Courtesy of Iggy Azalea!

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Last Friday, the current queen of the 2014 summer music charts, Iggy Azalea, performed in the Today Show’s summer concert series, opening with her now infamous track, Fancy.

The Today Show hosts were all a buzz, and the studio was electric with excitement to be in the presence of the Aussie born rap goddess, making it wildly apparent that Iggy is currently the hottest pop culture phenomena to burst on to the music scene. Even President Obama cannot deny the global Iggy takeover, performing his own cover of Azalea’s Fancy. Check it out right here:

Just kidding! Clearly this is a mash up, BUT the mere fact that Azalea’s lyrics can be extracted and juxtaposed from the words of our nation’s president, is just a testament Obama’s high cool factor. Hail to the Chief, because first thing’s first, he’s the realest!