Christina Aguilera’s Pregnancy Photoshoot

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Mommy to be, Christina Aguilera, is embracing all her curves… and we mean ALL of them! Though Xtina has long since retired her Lady Marmalade bustier and Dirrty assless chaps, the 33 year old still knows how to make a provocative, sexy, bold statement. Recently she posed in a sensual nude photo shoot for V magazine, and while I can imagine having your due date right around the corner can be an incredibly physically uncomfortable time, Christina appears completely at peace and angelically serene.

The photographs were taken by photographer Brian Bowen Smith, and capture the softer side of the powerhouse pop sensation, stripped down and glowing in her maternal bliss. She appears as a gentle, yet confident embodiment of femininity.

She told V magazine, “As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life, staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store”.

I honestly never used to not understand it when people would refer to that “pregnant glow” in women, however Xtina’s maternal bliss radiates from these photographs. This is Christina’s second child, and first with her fiancé Matthew Rutler. Rumor has it they are expecting a little girl, making her 6 year old son Max a proud big brother. All I have to say is, hat’s off to you girl, and congrats! Mommyhood totally suits you.

So keep on trusting your Voice from Within, and thanks for always finding ways to remind us, “We are beautiful, in every single way. Words can’t bring us down”:

Hey MJ readers! We want to know your thoughts on this—Do you agree with Christina’s chosen way to create concrete memories of her pregnancy? How would you choose to capture those final moments of preggo bliss, right before giving birth?

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