Miko Branch and Tanisha Sykes Get Down to Business on Essence LIVE!

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Though money can’t buy happiness, we all know having an abundance of coins in your pocket on a consistent basis, can certainly make life a little less stressful. Recently, Essence LIVE correspondent, Dana Blair, sat down in an interview Miss Jessie’s CEO, Miko Branch, and Multimedia Content Strategist, Tanisha Sykes, in order to discuss what it takes for the modern, aspiring entrepreneur to achieve financial security, while doing what they love. If you are curious about how to really take your career to the next level and rake in the dough, this is the entrepreneurial education you have been waiting for!

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Many people may think achieving financial stability and overall fiscal fierceness is a completely unobtainable dream to have, especially if you believe you lack the right connections or background, but Miko and Titi’s professional journey completely invalidates that theory. With only a little life experience, emotional support from each other, and aspirations for greatness, Miko and Titi Branch literally started Miss Jessie’s at their kitchen table. The Branch sisters did not start out with any investors, nor did they rely on any loans to get their business going. They initially created Miss Jessie’s products as a personal styling resource to utilize in their own home salon, and it was only after hearing their client’s demands for styling solutions that adhered to maintaining their naturally curly looks, did the hairstylists even realize they were sitting on a potential goldmine. What started out as a means to please their local clientele, eventually blossomed into the multimillion-dollar curly hair care product line we all know and love, but their ability to take their creation to the next level, ultimately gaining financially security, involved much creativity and patience along the way. Taking the initiative to, as Dana says, “Turn your passion into profits,” is a noble endeavor, which may entail some uncomfortable bumps in the road, but as long as you are able to see the educational value in every error and remain focused and confident, in spite of any twists and turns, you can and will find to the career you’ve always wanted!

Source: HuffingtonPost.com

Source: HuffingtonPost.com

For more on how Miko and Titi carved out their own path to entrepreneurial success, pick up a copy of Miko and Titi’s original memoir/ business guide, Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business From Scratch—Naturally, is a must read! Get your own copy ASAP!


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