Must See Summer Flicks: Fresh Dressed

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Since it’s premiere at Sundance this year, Fresh Dressed has been the hot topic of discussion for all film buffs and fashionistas alike. Fresh Dressed is a documentary film by Sacha Jenkins, which chronicles the evolution of urban, hip-hop style, and how development of the street fashion phenomena has left an impact on modern culture.

Fresh Dressed explores how hip-hop trends went from being elements of underground flavor, to mainstream sensations, and the interdependent relationship between fashion and music. More specifically, the documentary focuses on how this relationship was initially cultivated, and how each form of creative expression continues to compliment each other today. What was once simple, street style accouterments, like Run DMC’s Adidas or LL Kool J’s Kangol hats, have become so culturally iconic, these trends now help to define the standards for haute couture runways, all over the world.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Fresh Dressed features the freshest fashion innovators of both old a new school, including Swizz Beats, Pharrell Williams, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Nas, Kanye West, Big Daddy Kane, and Kid ‘N Play. They candidly discuss how hip-hop fashion influenced their careers, ultimately upping their professional game from musicians, to well rounded artists.

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Fresh Dressed is currently playing in select theaters, June 26, 2015. For more information on where Fresh Dressed is playing near you, Click Here.

Don’t see a theater nearby on this list? You can also pre-order Fresh Dressed on demand with Vimeo.com, and view this incredible hip-hop doc, from the comfort of your own home! See Fresh Dressed on Vimeo.com, Click Here.

I know how much you Curly Queens like to stay fresh, so get your tickets to Fresh Dressed ASAP, and stay ahead of trend!

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