#IAmMissJessies: 3 Bloggers Share Their Ah-Ha Moments!

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Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch—Naturally is officially available for purchase and here at Miss Jessie’s we couldn’t be more excited. In the book, Miko speaks honestly of her mistakes and successes, and of her role as an industry leader, negotiating multi-million dollar deals while at the same time restoring the self-esteem of natural and curly-haired women. She provides readers with an honest look into the life and life lessons of woman behind the brand.

The book offers invaluable instructions that can be applied to any business confirming that with effort the American Dream is possible. Leading up to the release of the book, we paired with some of your favorite natural hair bloggers & vloggers to join us on our virtual book tour and share with their readers any ah ha moments the book may have sparked. The feedback we received was absolutely amazing and we figured we’d take the time to share some of these inspiring ah ha moments:

Kiwi of / @kiwibeauty



My career ah-ha moment believe it or not happened late last year in 2014. I’ve done the basics, go to school, get my degree, persued my career field, and even a few lay offs. I’ve worked in corporate, start-up companies and now contract/freelance work. I decided last year a normal “cubicle” box wasn’t my thing anymore. It didn’t feel natural and it wasn’t me. When your livelihood and career advancement is in the hands of someone else and building on their dream, it’s kind of scary. I’ve been there several times working for others, even job searching hoping and praying to get my “dream job” in the form of another person’s organization and then it hit me. Why is my dream jobs in the form of working under someone elses dreams? Helping someone else gain millions and keep their business running while my life is limited? Everything is about momentum, and I am sorry to say but most modern jobs are dream killers of your own ambitions. If you put in all of your energy for some 9-to-5 or someone elses 8+ hours hard work to lay down someone else’s foundation, when will you have the energy to put in yours. Well I’ve done that, I’ve worked two jobs and blogged on the side. I had a day job at a start-up company 9-to-5, then I had a 9-to-6am job as a hookah job and I blogged on the side! How did I do that?

Momentum and determination. Yes I was tired. I was dogged tired to the point my boss at my daytime job questioned my energy levels why was I so tired all the time? I told him because I worked during the weeks and weekends to supplement my income to make up what I wasn’t making at that job. I wouldn’t of had to work two jobs like that if one job was paying adequately. Surprisingly enough, both of those jobs didn’t work out. My blogged remained and I was shocked. I promised myself not to give up on it, to keep attending events and networking even if I didn’t know where it would lead me. I ended up doing some freelance writing for a magazine and some other small publications and at the same time, my blog was growing and providing me income. I realized I could continue to freelance…and freelancing taught me I could do this on my own.

Last year was an amazing year, but it sparked an ah-ha moment in me. Maybe I should continue this route. Building my brand and strengthening my writing and freelance skills. To take my public relations degree and use it on myself to help elevate my brand and even be my own client lol. My ah-ha moment opened my eyes that in the long scheme of things I needed to seek multiple streams of income and not limit myself to just an organization to work for. My ah-ha moment came from the fact that I have to foster my dreams and not only grow someone elses because you can only get so far with that. When you limit yourself to just a “job”, you take away your own dreams and potential to be great. I still don’t have all the answer, my ah-ha moment hasn’t made me a millionaire (yet) but my momentum to getting closer to my career goals is elevating.

Christine St. Vil of / @momsncharge



My breakthrough career moment was in writing my book. I realized that my journey and my purpose is not for me, but for other people. For the first time, I realized that it was okay to be me, and to be proud of the voice and the lessons that God gave me to share with the world. Sharing your story can be so intimidating and scary. But when you let go of it being about you, you make room for God to do the work in you that will allow you to grow in ways you never thought possible.

Nicole of / @napturalnicole



After vowing to keep my writing strictly hair focused on, I ventured into posting about my marriage, personal goals, and weight loss. Sure enough, my “NapNic Curlies” responded in droves- and not with an ounce of criticism, but resounding praise and support. They started their own healthy lifestyle changes, embracing gratefulness in their actions, and giving back to local charities. My AHA moment happened when I realized, because of my generous readers, I would never be alone on any journey- and instead of keeping failures and triumphs private- we are obligated to use them to inspire and motivate- and together, we can accomplish anything!

If you haven’t purchased Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch—Naturally, it’s now available for purchase through Amazon & Barnes & Noble. Or if you happen to be in Brooklyn on April 25th, you can not only pick up your copy but get it signed by Miko herself at the next Book Signing in Brooklyn. To RSVP for the free event, visit:

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