11 Tips For Handling Your First Brazilian Wax Like A True Pro

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Contrary to belief, the carpet does not match the drapes with this girl.

The Brazilian wax is something that has turned into a necessary part of my monthly beauty regimen. Now, I may not splurge on manis, pedis & eyebrow threading, but not a month can go by without a wax. The main reason being that it makes me feel sexy. As a woman who doesn’t love feeling sexy?


Yet, the more women I talk to the more I realize a lot of ladies have never tried waxing. Some are petrified of the pain while others may not feel comfortable exposing their goodies to a complete stranger. Both reasons are totally understandable.

Now I’m not one to sugarcoat much, so I will admit… Your first wax will be painful.

But I assure you, it’s nothing unbearable. In fact, if you have kids.. I think you truly know pain. I don’t think a Brazilian wax can compare to the pain one would experience during child-birth.. So, relax.

I remember my first Brazilian wax was horrible. I went to this hair salon that had a make shift spa in the basement which was my first mistake. I should left the moment I went down those stairs since everything seems to have went down hill from there. The technician wasn’t as experienced as her white lab coat made her appear and I endured more pain than I needed to that day. Instead of using wax and strips, she used this ‘waxing gel’ with a stick that was supposed to make the process easier. Wrong. So wrong. That was yet another sign I should have left.. but I didn’t. I stayed and took the pain like a true champion.

So instead of letting that experience scare me from never getting another waxing again, I was even more determined to find a better place. Then there was Shobha Spa. I’ve been going to Shobha faithfully for the past three years and have formed an awesome relationship with my waxing technician Rashana. While getting my monthly wax this previous weekend, I came up with a list of techniques and tips for getting your first Brazilian wax:

1. Relax and take deep breaths.
The best way to speed up the process of any waxing, whether Brazilian or Bikini, is to relax & take nice long deep breaths to calm you down. Nervousness can cause your body to tense up. The more your body tenses the harder it becomes to remove hair easily with the wax strips.

2. Take an anti-inflammatory like Tylenol, Aleve or Advil an hour before your appointment.
Now, I’ve never done this but if you’re going for your first wax, then this is something I would suggest. Personally I don’t think the ‘pain’ is that bad that it calls for Tylenol, but some people will disagree. I seem to have a ridiculously high threshold for pain so a Brazilian doesn’t even stay on my pain radar.

3. Take baby steps.
If the Brazilian scares you, take baby steps. Try a bikini wax. The hair around your bikini line hurts way less than the rest of your region since the most painful area waxed is the area directly over the pubic bone. And if the concept of showing your goodies to a complete professional stranger, then find skimpy pair of underwear to wear & still opt for the bikini as they can work around your undies.

4. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate!
This is key to maintaining your wax, whether Brazilian or Bikini. By exfoliating, you are removing dead skin & preventing ingrown hairs. Wait 72 hours before exfoliating. I either use a homemade exfoliating scrub or use the Shobha Bump-Free Set.

5. Avoid pools and salt water.
I remember a few summers ago I got a Brazilian, went right to the beach and got in that salt water. Epic fail. Remember, your pores are extra sensitive right after a wax. The last thing you’d want to do is throw salt on that wound.

6. Once you start, don’t stop.
I constantly tell ladies, the pain gets progressively less the more often you get it done. Not to mention faster. Eventually the hair follicle adapts to the removal and is less painful, grows back thinner or sometimes not at all. That is why getting a bikini wax or Brazilian wax regularly may result in longer periods between and less noticeable hair regrowth. A waxing can last anywhere from 3-4 weeks.

7. Once you start, don’t shave.
Another important step for maintaining your waxing is to refrain from shaving. Simply put shaving can cause ingrown hairs, as well as turn that fine pubic hair back coarse. Refer back to #4 to keep those ingrown hairs far, far away.

8. Hold your breath.
If you hold your breath while the waxing technician is removing the wax strip, you’ll find that the pain is not that bad. Your actually spending more time focusing on holding your breath than worrying about what’s happening under your belly button.

9. Build a relationship with your wax technician.
Small talk goes a long way. If you find someone you like, request their service again for your next appointment. Having somewhat of a relationship with your technician just helps turn down the awkward levels a little especially if you’re not comfortable going bear just yet. And if you are going bare, doesn’t it feel better having the same person looking at your goodies every month than a new person?

10. Do your research.
If you’re looking for a place to try, do your research. Personally, I feel you should only stick with spas when wanting to get a wax & stray away from places like salons that do hair, nails and waxing. Remember double dipping is a major no no. For every wax that’s laid down, there should be a new strip.

11. Wear loose clothing.
Wear loose clothing, preferably cotton, and proper underwear before and after the wax appointment. Keep the bikini area moisturized with unscented lotions for 48 hours.

So is a Brazilian bikini wax worth the pain?
Many women prefer the cleaner area and sensitivity during sexual activity that a Brazilian offers. Getting a Brazilian wax is a secret empowering activity to help you embrace your sensual side and celebrate your femininity. Let’s not forget, your boo is probably going to be pretty excited about your new and improved love box.


Do you get Brazilian waxes regularly? What spas do you attend?