11 Halloween Grab-Bag Treat Alternatives

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Tired of taking that annual stroll down the Halloween candy aisle, and choosing between the same old, oversized bags of sweets? Take your treat loot up a notch, with some of these creative goody bag alternatives. These are sure to be a hit at this year’s Halloween festivities, and are great crafty ideas that the whole family can enjoy making together. Serve them at a party, or hand them out to the local kids to build up your reputation as the best candy house in the neighborhood. Your high quality, but low budget treat crafts are sure to spare you from a sad, TP rolled fate that those who distribute toothbrushes, will probably endure.

1. Granola Bars:
You can find some at your local grocery store, or you can customize your own Halloween Granola goodies.

Here is a delicious recipe I found for Halloween Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.

2. Tic Tacs
Customize Orange Tic Tacs with pumpkins, Spearmint with a Frankensteins, Vanilla Mint with mummies.

For more on how to do this, Click Here.

3. Spooky Nail Polish

China Glaze has a great nail polish line called Wicked, that is perfect for the occasion.

Also, China Glaze’s Bohemian Lustre Chrome line provides an eclectic collection of colors.

For more on this, Click Here or Here.

4. Googly Eyes
Go to your local crafts store to find a giant bag googly eyes, and prepare for a bounty of fun. My personal favorite utilization of the googly eye, has been in the form rings, but you can literally apply them to anything- earrings, bracelets, ect. A pair of eyes will instantly transform your trinket into an oogly googly goody.

For more on how to do this, Click Here.

You can also add a few googly eyes to the little jars from the Miss Jessie’s Deluxe Value Pack, and give your favorite curlfriends!

5. DIY Halloween Flashlight Projections
These are super easy to make Trick or Treat stuffers, that are sure to provide for a fun time while riding out a Halloween candy binge sugar rush.

For more on how to do this, Click Here.

6. Bubbles
Decorate your own mini bubbles… Or Boo-bbles!

For more on how to do this, Click Here.

7. Chapstick
Take this must have Autumn accouterment, and add your own spooky, holiday touches to it.

For more on how to do this, Click Here.

8. Gak & Slime
A less messy, yet more fun alternative to silly string.

For how to make Halloween Gak, Click Here.

For how to make Glitter Slime Monsters, Click Here.

9. Glow Sticks
Dress them up to look like broom sticks.

For how to make this, Click Here.

Or attach your own cute little labels.

For how to make this, Click Here.

10. Cobweb Cotton Candy
Cotton candy should be added to the roster of traditional Halloween staples. It’s sweet, yummy, and does make for an eerie cobweb effect.

For how to make this, Click Here.

11. Ghost Lollipops
Decorate your favorite lollipop flavors, for a fun twist on this classic treat.

For how to make this, Click Here.

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*All photos were sourced on Pinterest

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