Style Watch: Summer Swimwear for Curves

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Summer has always been my favorite season the year, because there is never a dull moment. It’s a time for great parties and outdoor adventures, and best of all, I don’t have to hide my curvy figure under layers of bulky, boxy wool and knits, as I would in winter. I can really peacock it—showing off my great style, and with a little bit of skin. However, as a curvy woman, the one aspect about the Summer season I dread the most is swimsuit shopping. I think most women of varying shapes can relate to this; trying on bathing suits in store can be a total nightmare, as it forces you to finally look at yourself and assess the damage done by food and drink indulgences of the Winter holiday season, always under unflattering, department store dressing room fluorescent track lighting. You pull, puff, squeeze, tug, squish your wobbly bits into this tiny piece of spandex, surrounded by photographs and ads of happy waifish models, frolicking down the beach with giant grins and thigh meats s far apart from each other, you can drive a train between their legs.

The hope is always that the suit of your choice will flatter your curves and conceal your trouble spots, so that this year, you can strut down the beach without a cover-up and with confidence. You pray that once you open your eyes, you will see yourself looking like a sexy, statuesque, silhouette of a goddess, so you can finally just check out and go home, but it never seems to be that easy. Instead of walking out with the two piece of your dreams, you settle for a dated looking granny suit that’s either all black or covered in weird neon splotches, and definitely too ugly to pass as vintage. Or you buy the suit that at store, only appeared to be slightly too small, but at the beach it’s a whole other story; you constantly find yourself checking for nip slips, picking your wedgies, and self conscious about potentially exposing some muffin top.

I’ve been there many times myself, until now. I refuse to believe that one should have to choose between feeling sexy and loving food, so rather than deprive myself with a crash diet or living with the hope that one day I will just wake up suddenly looking like Kerry Washington, I went on a mission for the perfect swim suits that really worked with the curves I have, rather than against them. I knew there had to be more swimwear options out there for thick chicks, other than the loose, matronly, borderline frumpy swim dress, or busting out of the tight squeeze of a bikini, like a rope of sausage links. I am proud of my body and always feel confident and comfortable in my regular street clothes, why shouldn’t I feel the same way in a bathing suit?

After doing some digging, I found these ultra chic and stylish bathing suits that are designed to compliment the ultra feminine shape of a full figure. Best of all, they don’t come with a Velcro detachable skirt, look like a mumu, or contain bra cups resembling recycled shoulder pads from the 1980s. Enjoy!

Eclipse Retro High Waist Bikini, $58
Style Watch: Summer Swimwear for Curves

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