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The Blurred Lines Between Love and Obsession

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 The Blurred Lines Between Love and Obsession

So it’s no secret that celeb couple Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are having complications in their marriage, and after nine years of marriage, are possibly headed towards divorce. While no one ever wants to see a happy couple break up, rumor has it that the Blurred Lines singer has a blurred comprehension of the expectations for being a committed husband, temporarily forgetting what he promised in his marital vows and carrying out multiple extramarital affairs. Paula is having difficulty coming around to forgiving her husband, as reports claim Thicke’s cheating was not a one time, accidental slip up, but rather was more of a compulsively repeated error. She recently has taken the necessary steps to file for divorce, and since then, Thicke has been desperately attempting to win his wife back.

The Blurred Lines Between Love and Obsession

Seriously, it seems like any time Robin has been a microphone in the past six months, he has jumped on the opportunity to make another public apology and declaration of love to Paula. He did this before his performing at the 2014 Billboard Music awards, the 2014 BET awards, and has even utilized Twitter to publically discuss the matter. The crooner has also named his latest album, after her, entitled Paula, and claims that every song was inspired by her.

Here is Robin playing “Forever Love” at the BET Awards.

While his efforts to win Paula back commendable in many ways, are fans are getting a little fed up with Robin’s antics. When Robin hosted an open forum with fans via Twitter to discuss his album Paula, it was evident there was zero hesitation for discussing the state of his relationship, as if the topics of Paula the person and Paula the album were synonymous. Fans were not fooled:




Now I think it’s admirable for a man to admit when he is wrong and apologize, and for that Robin, I applaud you. However, perhaps all this is all going a little overboard? When it comes to grand, romantic gestures, are there blurred lines between sincere, genuine declarations of love, and going to obsessive, humiliating, almost masochistic extremes, in order to win back your ex back?

It’s my opinion that, yes, Paula has every reason to hold a grudge and keep a cold shoulder, because Robin screwed up big time. I’m sure she’s having a hard enough time trying to forgive him, let alone take him back, and Robin’s choice to continuously take advantage of the press and media as part of this grand plan, is probably doing him more harm than good, in terms of getting her back…. And getting her back is the main objective, right? To me, it just seems a little disingenuous, and I question if all this is really to win his wife back or to shamelessly promote his album. Ladies like originality Robin! Know why every woman cries when they watch The Notebook,? Because Noah’s attempts to win back the affections of Allie were personal, private, and there was no question of any ulterior motives. Furthermore, Noah also took Allie’s dreams and desires into consideration, putting them before his own. When Allie left, Noah graciously backed off and let her go, giving her the space she needed to find herself and allowing her to come back to him on her own terms. Like the old Richard Bach saying, “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were”.

So Robin, if you want a romantic reconciliation like this:

My advice would be to set Paula free. Stop humiliating yourself with these public, larger than life, “romantic” demonstrations, because it’s bordering on obsessively creepy at the point. It was sweet at first, but now it’s getting to be a little extra. Do you want to garner a restraining order ON TOP of a divorce? That’s a lot of paperwork to have infringing upon on your twerk-tastic business schedule. I know break ups are rough, and divorces are particular difficult, but might I suggest coping as most of us do after getting dumped? Lounge in your sweatpants while listening to sappy tunes, cry, binge on fried foods, sweets, and Netflix, and secretly browse through her Facebook photos. Or for a healthier way to cope, try treating ‘yo self’.

When it comes to the romantic gestures, keep it simple. Respect your ex’s feelings by giving them the space and privacy they deserve. I’m sure if Robin were to take this approach, then like the old adage, Paula will return to him, on her own accord.