Tracee Ellis Ross’ Exploration of Contemporary Hip Hop

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Earlier in the week, I told you all about curly haired actress, producer, and queen of comedic charisma, Tracee Ellis Ross’, personal journey to self hair love in her Hair Love campaign, and how she is currently invading TV airwaves with her organic hilarity, starring alongside Anthony Anderson, on ABC’s Blackish. However, I bet you did not realize that Tracee also exercises her funny bone regularly on her youtube channel. My personal favorite series within Tracee’s vast collection of youtube videos, are the ones featuring one fabricated alter-ego, rapper TMurda.

Tracee uses the character TMurda as a vehicle for legitimate existential questions pertaining to hip hop culture, while simultaneously performing TMurda remixes of current popular rap and R&B songs. For instance, in TMurda’s cover of Drake’s 6 God, entitled “Further Exploration of 6 God”, was in response to a marriage proposal from Drake to Tracee, on another TMurda video clip via instagram.

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She poses the serious query, “Where is the six? Why is it hot up in there?”, sparking a complex dialogue between herself and her Siri device. It’s always refreshing to see a celebrity being totally candid, and Tracee’s honest, observational humor is a great way to keep the laughs going, in between airings of Blackish on ABC Wednesday nights.

Check out some Tracee’s (aka #TMurda’s) greatest analytical remixes, right here!

Further Exploration of 6 God

(Originally by Drake)
*source: youtube.com

Further Exploration of No Flex Zone

(originally by Rae Sremmurd’s)
*source: youtube.com

Further Exploration of Hookah

(Originally by Tyga ft. Young Thug)
*source: youtube.com

I’m inserting the audio for the originals, as some of the music videos of the original were unobtainable/ copywritten. Check out the original audio here!

1. 6 God, originally performed by Drake
2. No Flex Zone, originally performed by Rae Sremmurd’s
3. Hookah, originally performed by Tyga ft. Young Thug

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*photo source: afrobella.com

“I was shy, but it came out in a big personality…” – Tracee Ellis Ross, Uptown Magazine

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