Style Watch: Clueless Reboot

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Though it’s been almost 20 years since the 1995 debut of the film Clueless first hit the big screen, this cultural phenomena achieved it’s cult status via two crucial elements; original dialogue and memorable catchphrases (‘whatever’ and ‘as if’ only skim the surface in terms of quotable content) and of course, the fashion. From Dr. Seuss top hats, to faux fur and feathers, to itty bitty Calvin Klein dresses, to collarless shirts from Fred Segal, there is no shortage of “courageous fashion efforts”-all worthy of snaps! Even rapper Iggy Azalea paid homage to the iconic film, by creating an adaptation in the music video for her song Fancy.

Every fashionista remembers the first laid eyes on Cher Hororwitz’s epic, computerized revolving closet and drooling over the parade of designer ensembles, as Cher filled us in on the details on her, “Totally way normal life for a teenage girl”. While beepers and Windows 95 are ancient history, and the Cranberries and Radiohead now only get radio play on classic rock stations, the fashion trends of the Spring/Summer 2014 season dictate a reemergence in 90s fashion trends, made famous thanks to this film!

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