Scary Movie Series: Top 10 Favorite Stephen King Book to Film Adaptations

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What better way to kick off the Halloween season, than late night scary movie marathons- and who better to start off with, than good ole Stephen King? Stephen King is arguably one of the few author’s who’s written work has seamlessly translated from books to the big screen. Like most books that are adapted into films, there is always the argument of which is better, the book or the movie, however the terrifying essence of each King story is still incredibly well preserved within both creative genres. Whether your desire is to read or watch, Stephen King’s ability to consistently keep audiences at the edge of their seats, ranks him amongst the masters of suspense and horror. So pop some popcorn, snuggle up with someone who will let you squeeze their hand, and check our top 10 favorite spooky Stephen King works!

1. The Mist

2. The Dead Zone

3. Secret Window

4. Misery

5. Cujo

6. Children of the Corn

7. Pet Sematary

8. Carrie

The 1976 version:

…and the 2013 remake:

9. IT

10. The Shining

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