So Long Cellulite! A DIY Cellulite Reducing Treatment

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I’m all about embracing my curves, however when I notice the horrid collection of dimples in my ba-donk, I can’t help but to get a little self conscious. Whether you are a petite waif or a thick pork chop, cellulite is a common occurrence within the human body, and it can be quite the nuisance. However, cellulite isn’t anything to panic over, and contrary to popular belief, the existence of cellulite is not a reflection of poor health. Cellulite is simply the product of how certain fat deposits manifest, after pushing against your body’s connective tissue and ultimately causing the skin to pucker, creating that dimpled, uneven, cottage cheese look. However, the production of cellulite is a completely organic bodily process that cannot be deterred with any particular diet or exercise regiment, but there are ways to safely reduce cellulite’s unflattering appearance. Here is a completely natural solution to eliminating the appearance of cellulite. Add this to your regular beauty routine, and you will be feeling confident in your short shorts again, by spring!

What you need:

  • ½ Cup of Fresh Ground Coffee
  • ¼ Cup of Sea Salt
  • ¼ Cup of Brown Sugar
  • ¼ Cup of Sweet Almond Oil or Olive Oil
  • A small jar with a lid, for storage. I suggest a classic mason jar.

In order to make this magical scrub, you will first need to combine the salt, sugar, and coffee together. Slowly pour your oil of choice into this amalgam of grinds, mixing it in and combining the ingredients. Scoop this fresh scrub into your jar, and store in a dark, cool place.

When you are ready to use it, gently massage the mixture onto your trouble spots, rubbing in concentric, circular motions. Once you have completed working through every cellulite-y area of your body, rinse the product off. Do this routine this about two to three times a week.

For more on how to utilize this all natural, cellulite reducing concoction, Click Here.

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