Happy Throwback Thursday! Jay Z’s First Ever Live Freestyle

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Before ever having 99 problems,

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Or becoming a revered entrepreneur, mega mogul, and cultural phenomena….

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Before he was ever even “Big Pimpin”,

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Or the poet laureate of Brooklyn, New York…

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Before he was the king of collaborations, making musical history alongside other great artists, such as Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Nas, Justin Timberlake

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And his wife Beyoncé,

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Before even becoming the reigning patriarch of the great Carter/Knowles entertainment empire

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And his fresh freestyles changed the hip hop industry and the scope of music as we once knew it…

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Jay Z was a kid.

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A brilliant, talented little hustler named Shawn Corey Carter, from the rough streets of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. With smooth swagger, a boom box given to him by his mother, and the heart of a poet, Jay Z began developing his now trademark, prolific approach to freestyling as early as twelve years old. I recently discovered this clip of Jay Z’s first ever live impromptu freestyle, as part of an interview for the television show, Rap City, with Big Daddy Kane in 1990. Still a burgeoning rookie to the professional hip hop game, the young rapper did not even remember to introduce himself. However the quality of his flow is undeniable and clearly foreshadows a future of incredible successes, in which now no introduction is even necessary. You can see where it all began for Jay Z, if you check out this video right here:

*source: youtube.com

*source: allthingsgomusic.com

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