Halloween Hairography Mix: 25 Spooky Singles That Go Bump in the Night

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Ok, I know October has just begun, but I love Halloween so much, I can’t help but start celebrating a little early. Check out these eerie tunes to get you in the mood, as you hunt for the perfect costume and prepare for all of this year’s spooky festivities! For those of you planning to throw a banging Halloween bash, don’t forget to pass this playlist along to your DJ…. because The Monster Mash can get tired and overplayed far too easily.

Warning- Some of these videos do have explicit lyrics and scary themed music videos… Do not watch if you are a under 18, or are faint of heart.

Michael Jackson – Thriller

MC Hammer – Addams Groove

Eminem – 3am

Marilyn Manson – This is Halloween (Cover of the Theme for The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Jace Everett – Bad Things (Theme from the HBO Original TV Show True Blood)

Geto Boys – My Mind is Playing Tricks On Me

Kanye West (ft. Nicky Minaj, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Bon Iver) – Monster

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters (Theme from the movie Ghostbusters)

Rihanna – Disturbia

Tech N9ne – Am I a Psycho?

The Dresden Dolls – Girl Anachronism

Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance

My Chemical Romance – Helena

Korn – Freak on a Leash

B.o.B (ft. Nicky Minaj) – Out of My Mind

Jack Marshall – The Munsters Theme (Original song from the 1960s TV classic, The Munsters)

Vic Mizzy – The Addams Family Theme (Original song from the 1960s TV classic, The Addams Family)

John Carpenter – Michael Myers Theme Song, Theme from Halloween movie series

Nicky Minaj (ft. Eminem) – Roman’s Revenge

Lil Wayne – Phone Home

Robert Johnson – Crossroads

John Williams – Theme from the movie Jaws

Mike Oldfield – Tubular Belles (Theme from the movie, The Exorcist)

Glenn Miller (vocals by Tex Beneke) – The Little Man That Wasn’t There

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