American Horror Story: Freak Show Premiere’s Tonight!

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The fourth season of the hit FX horror series, American Horror Story, is set to premiere tonight, and we couldn’t be more excited! This installment of the anthology, Freak Show, takes audiences back to 1952 and follows the lives of the last remaining “troupe of curiosities”, or circus ‘freak’ performers, in Jupiter, Florida. In typical #AHS fashion, this troupe of carnies happens to arrive into town around the same time as sadistic, evil entity emerges, reeking havoc and raising hell amongst the town. Co-creator, Ryan Murphy, describes the new series;

“It’s darker than Coven; it feels very unique. I directed the first one and I haven’t done that since the very first one of season one. It feels like a Douglas Sirk movie; it’s very 1952 presentational and then the horror is an unexpected jab. As opposed to last year, which was crazy camera work and comedy. This year feels different.”

The cast includes:

Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars, the German manager to the troupe.

Kathy Bates, as Ethel Darling the Bearded Lady.

Michael Chiklis, as Dell Toledo the Strong Man. Ex husband of Ethel Darling, and current husband of Desiree Dupree.

Angela Bassett, as Desiree Dupree the Three Breasted Woman.

Evan Peters, as Jimmy Darling, the Lobster Boy. Son of Ethel Darling and Dell Toledo. Stepson to Desiree Dupree.

Emma Roberts, as Maggie Esmerelda, the con-artist/fortuneteller.

Sarah Paulson, as Bette and Dot Tattler, a pair of conjoined twin sisters.

Finn Wittrock, as Dandy Mott, the son of the wealthy Mott family who aspires to be art of Elsa’s troupe.

Many other stars are due to make surprise appearances throughout the series, including Gabourey Sibide and Patti LaBelle. This twisted, terrifying, psychological thriller is sure to give you chills and keep you at the edge of your seat. Check out the trailer right here, and don’t forget to tune in tonight, at 10pm (9 central), only on FX.

“What you are about to see will astound your senses, and harrow your very souls…”
– Ethel Darling

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